Bungee Fitness Polska

Bungee Fitness Poland is a sports project created by sport and fun enthusiasts, as well as certified fitness instructors: Paulina Suduł and Natalia Jakuła. Following up on the latest trends, the girls met abroad during a teacher training course as the only Polish women in the school, to test their new discipline and get a teacher’s certificate. In this way they became the precursors of bungee fitness in Poland..

Bungee Fitness Poland is an innovative sports project created by two sports enthusiasts and certified fitness instructors Paulina Suduł and Natalia Jakuła. Bungee fitness combines intense training and great fun. It involves performing a sequence of exercises with the help of a rubber bungee cord. This is great fun combined with a great workout during which all parts of the body are involved, especially the muscular corset stabilizing the spine.
Unlimited dance and choreography opportunities are a catalyst for the soon launching Bungee Dance classes and activities dedicated specifically for children - Bungee kids.


Bungee Fitness Polska


Natalia Jakuła has been a musical and sports presenter for many years, as well as a sports instructor and motivator. Natalia is an educated sociologist, sports manager as well as a fitness and bungee fitness instructor. After a few years in the media, she came to the conclusion that it would be a fullfiling experience to turn her hobby into a profession, since she enthusiasticly practices the sport everyday and motivates others with her passion. She graduated from the Polish Sports Academy with diplomas from multiple fields ; fitness instructor, personal trainer and sports manager. After training abroad she became, along with Paulina Suduł, the precursor of Bungee Fitness in Poland. She worked as a sports motivator in the Medicover Wellness Medicine Clinic in Warsaw, helping overweight people to start fighting their obesity, however now her main occupation is the Bungee Fitness Poland project. The main goal of the project is to introduce the concept of Bungee Fitness to the Polish market.

Bungee Fitness Polska


Paulina Suduł has been experimenting with various forms of exercise since she was a child. She was a regular at various dance halls and street dance always had a special place in her heart. Over the years, Paulina has opened up to other dance and fitness styles. Paulina graduated from an artistic high school in Wroclaw and then continued her education at the Gdansk Academy of Physical Education. She also completed a number of specialized training courses in schools such as the Academy of Sports Excellence and the Polish Academy of Sport. In 2014, Paulina opened her own fitness club near Torun, where she helped others acheive their fitness goals and get their dream body. She perfected her skills in one of the fitness clubs in Munich for a year and now proudly speaks about the co-creation of Bungee Fitness Poland with Natalia Jakuła. She is delighted to be able to use her knowledge and skills to create her own training program with a bungee cord.


Bungee Fitness Polska

The Bungee Fitness kit consist of specially designed fitness equipment for Bungee Fitness Training. The kit for one person consists of the elastic cord, harness, steel elements connecting the remaining parts and protective shorts. Each set can easily be adjusted to the weight and size of the class participant. The universal size of the harness fits on ladies and gentlemen of low, medium and high weight (from size XS to XL). In order to mount the equipment all you need are normal hooks, as used in the case “zajęcia w zawieszeniu”. Recommended room height is from 2.6m to about 4m. The maximum weight that Bungee Fitness will handle is 2300kg, while the actual pressure put on the equipment by one person is about 230kg.


Bungee Fitness Polska
  • By introducing Bungee Fitness classes in your fitness club, you will gain an elite and innovative training method.
  • Bungee Fitness is a fun, entertaining and most of all, an effective training method.
  • Exercising engages all parts of the body and strengthens the muscles of the spine..
  • Obese customers will experience a sense of lightness and relief in the joints.
  • It is a sport for both women and men.
  • The protective shorts included in the set help burn fat from the thigh and buttocks area.
  • Those interested in starting a fitness studio on our license will also receive our technical and media support.


Bungee Fitness Polska

Training for Bungee Fitness instructors lasts 3 days and each day consists of 6 hours of training. The price includes training materials, company gadgets, healthy snacks, drinks, Bungee Fitness equipment available during the course, plenty of ideas and motivation for further activities;). Only certified instructors or trainers can attend the training. The training group will have a maximum of 15 participants to allow enough time for each participant. We prioritize the order of submissions and on time payments.


Bungee Fitness Polska






12-13.01.2019 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*

16-17.02.2019 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*

9-10.03.2019 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*

6-7.04.2019 Los Angeles - Bungee Fitness*

18-19.05 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*

15-16.06 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*

7-8.09 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*

5-6.10 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*

23-24.11 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*

14-15.12 Warszawa - Bungee Fitness*



*Zastrzegamy sobie prawo do odwołania szkolenia do 5 dni przed terminem, jeżeli nie uzbiera się minimalna ilość uczestników w ilości 4 osób.



Bungee Fitness Poland is also a media project, first of all thanks to the innovative formula, and second of all thanks the media background of one of our precursors, Natalia Jakuła. Despite the project being new, bungee fitness has already taken off!
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